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After a decade of collecting and admiring other people’s work, the moment has come to undertake creative work ourselves. In a piecemeal fashion, with our fingers blistered from the red-hot steel and marked with countless cuts, the passion has grown greater than ever and we now want to share this out-of-control hobby with all those passionate about handmade knives.

Below are samples and specifications of some of our newest creations.

We continue obsessively to polish up our skills and open up new horizons. “Impossible” is not part of the vocabulary at Silex-Dynamix.

Please browse our photo gallery to discover the selection of knives in our collection and use the online shop to order. We will dispatch of your purchase swiftly. However, if there is a model you like but wish to alter slightly, do not hesitate to use the contact form to ask for more information. We will discuss your request and create the knife of your dream.

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Have fun!

Silex Dynamix